How to become a .realestate registrar

ICANN Accredidation


Your business must be ICANN-accredited before you can become a registrar for the .realestate top-level domain. Go to the ICANN website to start the ICANN accreditation process.

Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA)


To become a .realestate registrar, you will need to execute a Registry-Registrar Agreement with dotRealEstate LLC. Please send the executed RRA to

Request RRA

Join the Verisign New gTLD Platform

The Verisign Platform for new gTLD’s is a back-end platform to your front-end interface to consumers. 

All registrars must complete a one-time integration with Verisign of its new gTLD Platform. Upon completion, .realestate certified registrars immediately can add registration services in .realestate and present them on their Web site.

Verisign Operational Test and Evaluation Environment (OT&E) for new gTLD’s:

To sign up for OT&E testing of .realestate, you must confirm to Verisign execution of the .realestate Registry-Registrar Agreement (Step Two above). 

Verisign Customer Affairs will then provide the registrar with its SRS Evaluation Agreement. Please contact Verisign Customer Affairs Office directly at to request the SRS Evaluation Agreement.

Media kit and resources for registrars

Download logo resources, ads, email graphics, copy and more.

Download Media Kit

If you need something not provided here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.